Wadecki – we hope that the cooperation with Luca brings us good results

For a few days stay at the training camp in Spanish Calpe, cyclists CCC Polsat Polkowice accompanied by Luca Quinti, Italian “Preparatore fisico”, which means the physical preparation coach.

Comprehensive preparation of cyclists for cycling season , the number of projects , which consequently will lead to the highest form of each of the contestants. To achieve this , each of the riders must carry out , inter alia, properly prepared training cycles that will build the necessary strength and endurance of the body. To prepare for the cycling season in 2014 , the leadership of the CCC Polsat Polkowice decided to cooperate with the Italian trainer Luca Quinti who prepared training plans for athletes team.

We have worked with Luca since December 1st last year – says Piotr Wadecki , sports director of CCC Polsat Polkowice. – Luca has prepared training plans for athletes who took over his care. He has made various tests on which assesses the progress of training of our cyclists, so that their form was optimal at the time of the season.Convincing Quinti to extensive cooperation was not a simple matter. Cyclists do not hide satisfaction with the existing cooperation with Luca. We hope that it will bring very good energy throughout the season in 2014.