Wadecki: ‘We rode as we expected to’

46th edition of the Tour of Turkey is history now. In the general classification the racers of CCC Polsat did not do too well, taking distant places. According to the sports manager of the team Piotr Wadecki the cyclists rode as they expected they would.

– Let’s start from the fact that the route of the race was really hard. We had a lot of mountains, the average speed – not a high one – reflects the difficulty of the race very well. We participated with the intention to show ourselves, and this aim, I think, was achieved. Even in today’s last stage we had Bartek Matysiak in the breakaway group. On earlier days also Adam Sznitko and Tomek Marczyński attacked, and Jeżowki, who is stronger and stronger, was seen during the finishes. The broadcast through Eurosport gave us an opportunity to promote ourselves and I am convinced that we were well visible – summed up Wadecki.

The race started favourably for the CCC contestants. The King of the Mountain jersey and the Turkish Beauties jersey were won by Tomasz Marczyński. On the next days it was a bit worse, mainly because of crashes of Marczyński and then also Honkisz. The worst losses in the general classification were suffered by our racers in stage 5 to Pamukkale. – I can’t stop feeling sorry about Tomek Marczyński, who we had counted most in this race. Unfortuntately, it came out as it did and Tomek had to withdraw. Then Adrian’s incident, who was second best after Tomek. There’s no denying that the start was quite unlucky.

– The race was a very good training for us. It is easy to notice that boys’ form is improving constantly, which, I hope, will bear fruit in the nearest future. We still have several important races ahead, and Turkey was not a number one of this season. I am glad we could race at that high level and gain another experience. – said Wadecki.
The nearest plans of the team include races in Frankfurt and the Memorial of Andrzej Trochanowski. Another important start will be in Grody.