Witecki: ‘a race at such an altitude is unpredictable’.

On his website Mariusz Witecki reports again on the course of the most recent, very difficult, mountain stages of Tour of Quinghai Lake. Let us remind you, that in the third place of the general classification of the race there is a cyclist of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team, Mateusz Taciak.

Next stages of the race have passed, and there are still, and as many as 3 stages to the finishing line remain. I will say in brief about the previous days, and in fact, every day something happened.

In the flat stages the wind was blowing strongly all the time and every now and then the peloton got torn into small groups. It was really tiring for everybody in the peloton, because you could not lose your vigilance even for a while, because in a moment you could find yourself in a group somewhere behind and chase. The 5th stage, in turn, with two climbs and an uphill stretch to 3869 metres above sea level (at that altitude while being tired it is really difficult to inhale some air) turned out to be lucky for us. We were really close to the victory. After the second climb at the front there was a group of about 30 people and in it the five of us. In the downhill stretch 10 cyclists rode away with Rutek and Moraj. Marek tried to ride away on his own, but we caught up with him around 1.5 km before the finishing line, and Moraj, in turn, got a flat tyre at that moment, and we had nothing to do but try to lead out Mateusz, who took the second place. I think that if Jacek had not had a defect we could have enjoyed another victory, but the stage was successful for us, anyway.

Tomorrow another mountainous stage, and an uphill stretch to 3767m above sea level, after which it will be still some 70 km to the finishing line, virtually down the hill. I think that a bigger group should reach the finishing line, but a race at such an altitude is unpredictable and still a lot may happen.