Witecki: each of our cyclists is able to fight for the victory in that race.

About the hardships and the course of stage 1 of Małopolski Wyścig Górski Mariusz Witecki wrote in this website:

Behind us the first stage of Małopolski Wyścig Górski, so perhaps a few words about that stage: Today the stage was a bit short, only 130 km in quite hard an area, much hilly all the time, but there were not any too strenuous uphill stretches. There were a lot of attacks from the start, at the beginning a group of more than ten cyclists formed at the head, in which there were 5 cyclists from our team: ‘Rutek’ , ‘Moraj’, ‘Bodzio’, ‘Maniek’ and me, out of that group Rutek and Moraj attacked and both of them reached the first and only that day climb, won by Jacek. After that climb the boys waited for the peloton, because it was still far from the finishing line. Then there were a lot of attacks, and more or less in the middle of the stage 6 cyclists, with Tomasz Marczyński, who divided the intermediate stages among themselves. At the finishing line they had an advantage over the peloton of about 30 seconds. The winner was a young Dutch cyclist from the Dutch team, before ‘Maniek’ (who had a defect 10 kilometres before the finishing line, but thanks to the help of the BGŻ team, who replaced the wheel, he did not lose the chance to fight in that stage) Tomorrow the next stage, which looks the most difficult on the paper, and the race is still open, for sure we will do our best for Tomek to take over the leading in the general classification, but everything depends on what the stage will go like, because out of our team everybody is able to fight for the victory in that race.