Witecki reflects on the first start in the 2011 season.

Mariusz Witecki on his website has reflected on his first start in the Tour of South Africa. Here is what he wrote:

I have already had my first start in the new colours, in the Tour of South Africa. Of course, I had not expected much from that race, because I know my body well and I had known what I could count on at this time of the year. I last raced in February in 2003, so it is a big change for me. Going for that race I meant simply to ride it as a training, and I succeeded in it, because that race was really hard. The main reason was the high temperature fluctuating within 35-40 degrees. During that race we had everything that may happen: wind, mountains, breakaways and above all too many crashes. At the start of each stage I thought only how not to get entangled somewhere, or not to get bruised unnecessarily as early as in February, unfortunately Mateusz Taciak was not that lucky, chafing himself seriously during stage 3. I can easily say that they were 7 days of hard work, we raced for almost 1100 km, which will surely bear fruit as early as in the nearest races.

Now several more peaceful trainings and I have to get down to serious work again, because my next race is going to be Volta Catalunya, it is a hard and prestigious race, where the whole team will be keen on doing well.