Witecki: The first month is behind me

Mariusz Witecki, who will represent CCC Polsat Polkowice in the next season wrote on his website:

– The first month of preparations for the new season is behind me. This year I started trainings earlier than usually, because I finished the season in August, so this year I had my free days in September. .

– In October we it was necessary to ride a bike regularly – every two, three days, in order not to go off form, and since the weather was fine there wasn’t much trouble with it. I started serious preparations for the season of 2010 at the beginning of November, that is daily road cycling training, MTB, the gym, the swimming pool and my favourite – the sauna, which is form me definitely the best form of recuperation after the trainings in unfavourable autumn and winter conditions – says the former champion of Poland. .

– In several days I am meeting my new team, in which I will be riding in 2011, at the training camp in the Las Hotel, also trainings with more people will be more pleasant. At the training camp I will focus mainly on endurance trainings and working on the so called special strength (i.e. training at the gym) – explained Witecki, who assured, that he will try to write soon about his further plans, other training camps and first races.