In his website Mariusz Witecki reported on the course of the second stage of the race. – We are after the second stage of Małopolski Wyścig Górski, which was very successful for our team. The first two places in the stage, and the fourth place, as well as the first three places in the GC.

Like yesterday, there were a lot of attacks from the start, and after about 10 kilometres a group of about 20 cyclists formed at the front. We imposed a quick pace beneath the first climb, at the top there were only about 10 cyclists, while we were descending a cloudburst and a downpour got us. At the bottom of the downhill stretch there were already only four cyclists at the front: ‘Rutek’, ‘Maniek’, ‘Bodzio’ and Adrian Kurek. The boys quickly increased the advantage (their maximum was over 6 minutes) and despite the chase of the first group, in which there were 30 cyclists including ‘Moraj’ and me, they managed to maintain the strong advantage of over 5 minutes at the finishing line. Tomorrow the third and last equally difficult stage, and our goal will be to retain the boys’ places in the general classification, of course if the situation allows we are going to try to win the whole stage.