World Championship: Janiszewski 17th in the U-23 race.

Michael Matthews won the title of the world champion in a massed start race of U-23. The Australian turned out to be the fastest in a large group at the finish. The best of Polish riders was Sylwester Janiszewski, who finished in the 17th place.

The U-23 race was very interesting, as it is every year. The characteristic thing about it was, first of all, that the peloton did not even for a moment let any group of cyclists break away, to eventually reach the finishing line.

Moreno Moser from Italy rode for a long time alone at the head, but his action was also doomed to failure. A sure animation could be seen in the last two laps. Tony Gallopin showed his good side, breaking away on his own twice, but his competitors were merciless, though.
In spite of the hard pace during the climbs, everything got together in the last several kilometres, and the distribution of medals was decided during the field sprint. The winner was one of the favourites, an Australian Michael Matthews, for whom this triumph in front of his own public was his dreams coming true.

Before the world championship the 20-year-old, who celebrated his birthday 5 days ago, signed a contract with the Rabobank team, that had had a good hunch to recruit him. The second place was taken by a German John Degenkolb. An unusual situation occurred as for the bronze medal, because it was awarded to two cyclists: a Canadian Guillaume Boivin and an American Taylor Phinney who, let us remind you, won gold in the individual time trial.
Briefly about the representatives of Poland: As you know, they are assessed according to their result, and the highest classified one was Sylwester Janiszewski, who took the 17th place. Our young riders deserve praise, because in the last two laps they rode really alert, and were present in almost every attack that tried to break away from the peloton.

Michał Kwiatkowski, Adrian Honkisz and Rafał Majka were especially visible. As it was assumed, the last metres were what Janiszewski had been waiting for, however, he run out of strength for a successful finish.

World championship – U-23 massed start race – Geelong 159 km

1. Michael Matthews (Australia) 04:01:23
2. John Degenkolb (Germany)
3. Taylor Phinney (United States Of America)
3. Guillaume Boivin (Canada)

17. Sylwester Janiszewski (Poland)
26. Rafał Majka (Poland)
41. Piotr Gawroński (Poland)
43. Adrian Honkisz (Poland)
53. Paweł Poljański (Poland) 00:01:04
77. Michał Kwiatkowski (Poland) 00:03:13