Wyścig Hubala: Sajnok 5th in stage 1, leads in youth classification

Szymon Sajnok sprinted to 5th place in stage 1 of Wyścigu Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala taking the lead in youth classification.

Info: June 1st, Junglinster – Schifflange, 89,2km

Course: undulating, punchy, uphill finish

Stage one got off to a lively start, with numerous attacks. It took almost an hour to establish the day’s main breakaway, which on that day consisted of 4 riders. CCC Sprandi Polkowice were very active early on, but the opponents were following their wheel and kept responding to every move. Since they didn’t slip into the escape, the orange squad was forced to drive the bunch and lead the chase.

They reduced the gap from 6 to 3 minutes, but then their pursuit was interrupted by closed railway crossing. Despite that hurdle CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders were able to close the gap, catch escapees  and bring the race to a bunch sprint.

Kamil Zieliński (Hurom) won, ahead of Filippo Fortin (Felbemayer) and Vojtech Hacecky (Elkov-Author). Szymon Sajnok finished 5th, and thanks to 1 second gained at intermediate sprint earlier, he took over the youth classification jersey.