Youth from the MKS Polkowice trained in Walbrzych

Juniors and younger juniors with MKS Polkowice last Sunday perfected their technical skills on the challenging route in Walbrzych, where competitions of Polish Cup and Polish XC Championships are held.

The Polkowice cyclists trained together with cyclists from the club CIC Jama Wałbrzych. The aim of the course was to develop driving techniques in the field, exchange insights and integration of players. The team composed of Polkowice Michael Jaskot, Charles Hildebrandt, Marcel Skip, Hop, Wojciech Stepien (juniors) and Michael Wierzycki, Simon lure, Maciej Dabrowski (younger juniors) overcame a difficult route together with Natalia Jaruzelską (młodziczka), Kamil Tarnawskis and Charles Fuchs (juniors younger). All players agreed that such training is valuable experience before approaching with great strides-season that will abound in challenging races.

“Orange” riders of MKS trained in Walbrzych with coach Damian Mazur. Special thanks to coach Peter Waleraka CIC Jama Wałbrzych for technical guidance and assistance in the implementation of training.