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2017 Okulary kolarskie Rudy Project Tralyx Impactx Photochromic2 CCC Sprandi Polkowice Sale



Rewelacyjne okulary rowerowe. Fotochromatyczna soczewka. Redefinicja technologii rowerowych okularów na nowo. Tralyx ™ ponownie definiuje szczyt technologii rowerowych okularów dzięki zupełnie nowej geometrii. System PowerFlow. Super cyrkulacja powietrza przy jednoczesnym zapewnieniu maksymalnej sprawności aerodynamicznej i bez zakłóceń widzenia. Wysoka jakość. Włoska firma Rudy Project.





Producent: Rudy Project

Model: Tralyx

Wersja: okulary rowerowe

Typ soczeki: ImpactX Photochromic 2

Kolor soczewki: Black

Kolor oprawek: White Blue

Regulowane zauszniki

Regulowany nosek

Możliwość korekcji optycznej RX

Zaawansowana technologia produkcji soczewek

System wymiennych soczewek – możliwość dopasowania okularów do warunków oświetleniowych / pogodowych

Dostępne nietłukące się soczewki ImpactX

Bezpiecznym projekt – minimalizacja zranień w przypadku upadku / uderzenia

Doskonały komfort

Waga: 32g



Adjustable Nose Piece

Adjustable nose pieces are outstandingly comfortable and offer an exceptional fit for any shape of face. This system can also be used to adjust the glasses’ height and their distance from the face to prevent misting.


Adjustable Temples

Create a fully-customised fit and a perfect grip. Simply apply a gentle pressure to adjust these terminals in any direction.


Grilamid frame

Rudy Project uses Grilamid®, a shock-resistant, hypoallergenic, high-quality, light thermoplastic for its stability, flexibility and durability.

Quick Change System

Change your lenses to manage any light condition and your visual comfort.
The Quick Change System allows to choose the size of lenses that suits you better. And it ensures perfect light management because you can mount different kind of lenses according to the weather conditions.


Lens Shapes

The quest for the perfect fit has always been a distinguishing feature of our sunglasses. The new lens shapes clearly demonstrate this continuing process. We offer the regular, SX and XL sizes to fit different face shapes and ensure you an optimal vision.



The all-new PowerFlow System provides you unparalleled heat dissipation. Vents have been scientifically incorporated through the entire chassis to enhance air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency and without disturbing vision.


Safety Project

Rudy Project is a leading name in research and development in fully advanced helmets and sunglasses for complete fall protections.
We are committed to providing superior safety through integrated hinges and soft, thermoplastic elastomers, which prevent injuries in the event of falls, impact and collisions.



The extreme lightness of our products is the result of a combination of advanced design technology and revolutionary, exclusive materials.




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