Sergio Tu took silver at Asian Championships

Sergio Tu won silver medal in ITT U23 race at Asian Championships. It took him 49’59”80 to ride 40 km route. Gold went to Yevgeniy Fedorov from Kazakhstan.

– My aim was to be on the podium. I have been training in Asia for several weeks. I did races with my national team, but my main goal was to prepare well for Asian Championships. It was a flat course and you constantly need high power to achieve a really good result. The first 20 km were going down very slightly and the last 20 km were slightly going up. There was a headwind during the first part, and a tailwind during the last 20 km. The last 4 km of this time trial were a little bit steeper and I think that it was where I really gained the time. I kept the power really good the whole time and I still had a lot of it left to give it all during the last 4 km – said Sergio Tu. 

– I felt that my shape was good. Also the preparation period went really well. Actually, I expected to win this race, but it was Fedorov who took gold. Still, I am really satisfied with my result and second place on podium. I want to thank the whole CCC Development Team for giving me space, equipment and time to prepare for those Asian Championships. I really appreciate the fact that the management of the team treated me individually – added Sergio Tu. 

– There is a road race ahead of me. It takes place on 26th of April. As I am the only cyclist in my national team who is under-23, I’ll be racing alone. And I’ll do my best. After Asian Championships, I’m looking forward to getting back to the team and taking part in more races to gain more experience – said Sergio Tu. Taiwanese will be taking part in two one day races in Poland in the beginning of May: Memorial Andrzeja Trochanowskiego and Memorial Romana Sieminskiego.