Sergio Tu and Attila Valter will fight in ITT in Yorkshire

Today in Yorkshire, Attila Valter and Sergio Tu will be be doing their best in ITT U-23. Attila in current Hungarian champion in ITT, while Sergio finished second at Asian Championships. Quote from our Taiwanese rider below.

– I have done everything I can to prepare for this time trial and my shape is very good.
I hope to continue to bring this good feeling in to the race. I find the course challenging, it is something new to me but I’m here standing at the start line with specific training to get the best out of myself on a course like this. It is going to be challenging with all the hills and fast descents and a bit hectic if it rains. Still, I’m more than excited to show everything I can and finish my last U-23 race with the best possible result – said Sergio Tu.